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5 Different Ways To Extend The Water Heater Lifespan

We know that a water heater is a basic need in every home. Think about taking a shower in the winter without a water heater or starting a day without hot water, if you are not satisfied that a water heater is a primary need in every home. To make sure that the water heater is in a good working position, proper cleaning and maintenance of your water heater are necessary. Sad to say, water heaters do not last forever. In the end, the elements of the water heater will burn, and the tank will corrode. To extend its lifespan to save the environment and your wallet what can you do? Now we’ll discuss how to extend the life of your water heaters.

1-Replace Damaged Elements In Your Water Heater

One of the first enemies of your water heater is lime. It damages not only the valve but also the heating elements. Before the lime scale provides them completely useless do not delay to maintain the heating elements from time to time. If you observe that that limestone has already harmed the elements of the water heater, then you should replace the elements of the water heater. While the sure water heater is repaired this will stop you from having to take cold showers in winter. To replace the water heater-damaged element you can contact experts in Russellville Arkansas. They will help you and properly guide you.

2-Test Pressure-Relief Valve

Safety examines for your water heater the pressure-relief valve is permanent. When the pressure gets too high inside of the tank it automatically releases pressure to stop an explosion. It is a significant quality of water heater that you want to ensure is working properly at all times. Simply lift the lever, which is positioned on the top of the water heater to test it. The valve requires to be replaced if no water releases from the discharge pipes when you lift the lever. As with water heater replacement and installation, its care must be done regularly and carried out by experts in Russellville, Arkansas. The involvement of experts is a guarantee of quality, but it also helps to extend the life of the water heater.

3-Examine The Anode Rod

An anode rod is a metal piece that is fixed in a water heater to stop the water heater tank from corroding. It gets this by alluring all of the erosion before it reaches the steel in the tank itself. The problem is that once the rod is completely damaged, then the tank can start to corrode and experience irreversible damage. Examine the anode rod in the water heater every year and then replace the anode rod with the new one if it is fully corroded. The lifespan of the anode rod is almost three to five years. It is also possible to fix a second anode rod to your water heater on some models to increase its life. You will require fixing a water softener if you can afford the sacrificial anode or drain it at least once a year.

4-Fight Against Limestone Creation in Your Water Heater

The biggest enemy of the water heater pipe is limestone. The first thing you have to check is scale could really compromise the performance of your device. It takes time to heat the water, which gets more energy in the procedure. Also, lime gives the most dangerous threat to the resistance and the thermostat and can even break these elements. In this case, proper cleaning is essential. You should:

  • Break off the power supply. Break off the supply of water to the home.

  • Remove all the water from the water heater.

  • Untwist the screw to open the water heater

  • From the thermostat disconnect the wires and take out the resistance to examine the amount of lime settled on the parts.

  • Clean the tank from the cloth. The descaling anode probably requires to be replaced if the layer of the lime on the resistance is too thick.

You can contact technicians in Russellville, Arkansas if you want to replace or install your water heater.

5-Give it Space

Do not crowd your water heater. The must be alit of space around your water heater to permit you to easily check it for problems and perform maintenance tasks. For air circulation, it also requires space, which will minimize the risk of fires. Be active about maintaining the water heater in your house rather than just supposing it will always work properly when you require it. This will not only save you from a massive loss in the future but also it will save your money. For the installation and maintenance of the water heater, you can contact experts in Russellville, Arkansas.

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