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Essential Maintenance For An Air Conditioner Unit


Maintaining the air conditioner not only saves money on energy, but the life span of the air conditioner also increases. Essential maintenance for an air conditioner is necessary for the efficiency of power, function and comfort. The air conditioner, which is appropriately running, finishes a large amount of moisture in the air that helps the occupants to be comfortable. Improperly operating systems and dirty air conditioners can result in the production of microorganisms, i.e. mold. These microorganisms can be the result of asthma and allergies in the occupants. If you are near Russellville, Arkansas, you can contact the experts of our team for the maintenance of the air conditioner. Our dedicated team will be there to help you.

In-home, you can also use the techniques to maintain the air conditioner. The best time to use the tips is just before the start of the cooling and heating seasons. Your air conditioning system, heating and ventilating systems have either a heat pump or furnace and AC. Both these types of heating and cooling systems have exterior units and interior units. Following are the instructions that you must follow to maintain your AC

Turn Off the Power

Working around electricity and air conditioner's moving parts is dangerous, so it is imperative to shut off the power to the unit. On the outer compressor, take an exterior shut-off box near the team. At the beaker box located, the power should be turned off.

Removal of Debris

Firstly, remove the fan cage on the exterior compressor. You can also use a wrench, screwdriver to remove the fasteners or grill of a fan from the top of the unit. You can use hands or a wet /dry vacuum to clean the debris. If you think that you are not an expert, you can also ask for professional help. In RA, Rood Inc. is an organization. Our great team provides all the services of air conditioners at home. We provide 24-hour service with a great team that has experts in cooling systems.

Clean the Fins

You can remove the outer cover and use the brush on a vacuum to remove all the dirt on the fins. You can also use fin cleaning spray that is available in the market. If you do not want to do this at home, you can contact an air conditioner experts in your area.

Fins Should be Straight and Clean the Area

The efficiency can be reduced through the fins if there is a reduction in airflow. Using a butter knife, you can carefully straighten the bent fins. It would help if you did this gently so that tubing embedded in the fins is not damaged.

The area around the unit should be clean.

Once cleaning is done, the fan cage should be replaced. Outside the condenser, Rake back leaves and debris, then cut vegetation and branches two feet in all directions so that the air properly flow around the unit. If you want to clean the area with the help of a professional team, then you must contact HVAC experts near your location. During the winter season, you can cover the top of the unit with a piece of plastic or plywood so that debris could not fall in. do not cover the unit entirely because it can cause corrosion.

Level the unit

As we know that, soil settles beneath the pad where the condenser unit sits. If the unit of condenser is out of level, then the compressor will fail early. If you live near RA, you can easily ask for their help in levelling the unit. Rood Inc. is an organization that has experts in heating and cooling systems. You should check out that the condenser is level, and you can also use rot-resistant shims if the condenser is not on the level.

The Evaporator Coil Should be Clean

Now, this is the time to move inside the unit of an air conditioner. In the inside of the furnace/ blower unit, first, find out the door of the evaporator coil. Maybe you need to remove bolts or screws and some duct tape. You can also use a soft brush to remove the dust from the coil, and then you can spray the coil with the help of a commercially available coil cleaner. This spray is going to foam up and then drip into the pan of the drain. Then you must clean the drain pan with the help of soap, little bleach and hot water. Then put a cup of 50 % of water/ 50 % of bleach down the drain. To avoid future growth of algae, you can also place commercially available drain pan tablets in the pan. If you see the solution of bleach drains quickly, then you can skip the next step. But if not, then you have to clean the evaporator drain. You can easily replace the coil door of the evaporator and then use the foil duct tape to reseal if you think it is necessary. In case of any problem, you can also contact experts of air conditioners in RA.

Cleaning of Duct Drain

Firstly, you have to find the drain line where the evaporator coil enclosure leaves. Usually, the drain is a 1-inch PVC pipe. You must follow this to the end side, where it drains. Usually, line drains on the outside near the condenser unit, but this is unnecessary; the line can also drain in a sink, basement or outside wall. Once you have found the location, you can use dry/ wet vacuum to clear the drain. This is the best option for removing the filter paper from the vacuum so that the filter is not ruined. The vacuum should be turned on for two to three minutes and then turn it off. This will clean all the drains. In Russellville, Arkansas, an HVAC service technician is given by rood Inc. organization where the team is available for 24 hours service in any case of emergency.

After cleaning the duct drain, changing the blower filter in your air conditioner is also significant. The blower filter should change for two times a year. Once the heating season started and secondly before the start of the cooling season. For changing of blower filter, you must need air conditioner service. If you are near the area of RA, you must contact with Rood Inc. organization. The team will look after all the problems related to the air conditioner. After doing all this, you need to "turn the power back on" to maintain the air conditioner.

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