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Generators for Sale In Arkansas

Generators for Sale in Arkansas


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IN-HOME CONSULTATIONS For Generators in Arkansas

An authorized Honeywell Generators dealer, we will discuss your home backup power needs with you so that we can recommend the best standby power system. We will explain the generator installation process and help you choose where your generator should be installed. We will provide you with a written estimate and you have no obligation to purchase until you're ready.

Generators for Home, Business, and On The Go.

A Honeywell generator provides backup power for everyday life. Backup power systems are available in a variety of sizes, with the ability to power your entire home or essential business circuits, as well as tailgating and recreational equipment when you’re on the go. Take the next step with one of the most trusted and recognized names in comfort and security, and protect what matters most with a Honeywell generator. You can also trust that your generator will be installed in Arkansas by a trusted home services company.

More About Home Backup Power

In the event of a power outage, a Honeywell home backup generator provides power to your home - automatically. No need to start it. No need for extension cords. No need to fill it with gas. This simplicity and reliability is why Rood Inc chooses Honeywell for it's valued customers in Arkansas.

When the Storm or Outage Hits, Protect What Matters Most

Preparedness is important for having peace of mind during a storm or power outage in Arkansas. A reliable backup generator as a power solution is one way to be proactive. Honeywell Generators can provide a reliable way of ensuring the safety of your family and those important to you.

Learn How A Honeywell Power Generator Works During an Outage


Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is crucial for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you're safeguarding your home during a storm or ensuring your business operations run smoothly, generators play a vital role. Let's delve into the importance of generators for both homes and businesses.

Residential Generators:

  1. Backup Power: When the grid fails during storms or emergencies, having a reliable backup power source is indispensable. Portable generators, such as those offered by Rood Inc., like the Honeywell portable generator, provide essential power to keep your home and family safe and comfortable.

  2. Camping Adventures: Modern camping often requires power for various gadgets and appliances. Honeywell inverter generators offer a quiet and portable solution, ensuring you have the comforts of home even in remote locations.

  3. DIY Projects: Tackling home improvements or DIY projects away from power outlets is no longer a challenge. With Honeywell portable generators, you can power your equipment wherever you need to work, making your projects more convenient and efficient.

  4. Tailgating Fun: Tailgating has become more sophisticated, requiring power for various entertainment setups. Honeywell portable and inverter generators supply clean and quiet power, enhancing your tailgating experience.

  5. Vacation Retreats: Powering remote vacation homes or cabins can be tricky. Honeywell portable generators ensure that you have the necessary power for a comfortable stay, even in rustic settings.

Commercial Generators:

  1. Safety and Security: Businesses need to prioritize the safety of employees and customers during power outages. Backup power ensures that essential systems like lighting and security remain operational, safeguarding both people and assets.

  2. Preservation of Inventory: Many businesses rely on perishable inventory, and power outages can result in substantial losses. Backup power solutions help preserve perishable goods, mitigating financial losses due to spoilage.

  3. Revenue Continuity: Remaining operational during power outages gives businesses a competitive edge. With standby generators, you can continue serving customers while competitors may have to close their doors, thus retaining revenue and customer trust.

  4. Brand Enhancement: Being a reliable resource even during emergencies enhances your brand reputation. Customers perceive businesses that stay operational during outages as trustworthy and dependable, strengthening brand loyalty.

  5. Peace of Mind: Automatic standby generators offer seamless power restoration without manual intervention. This ensures business continuity and provides peace of mind, knowing that operations will resume without delay during power disruptions.

In summary, generators are indispensable assets for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you're ensuring the comfort and safety of your home or maintaining business operations during outages, investing in reliable generators like those offered by Rood Inc. is a wise decision

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