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RUSSELLVILLE AR / Little Rock / Conway AREA
Heat & Air Service & New System Installation

We repair, install, and service all types of heating and cooling systems.

All Air-to-Air and Geothermal installations are performed by award-winning service department with trained technicians ready to provide you with complete and dependable services. All installations are spec'd by Rood Inc. To help ensure excellence, we are excited to be endorsed by the great Doug Rye. 

Heating and Cooling Systems - Heat Pumps Gas Furnaces- Geothermal

When it comes for you to require any cooling and air conditioner experts in Russellville, Arkansas areas, we heating and cooling you can easily depend on. Air conditioning and heating systems are the essential equipment in your home. When something happened to these types of equipment, your comfortable life can become stressful. That is the time when you need to approach any heating and cooling expert in your area. Our team consists of very well trained and qualified experts in each field of heating and cooling. The team gives their 100 % and values the real concerns of customers. If you are living in Russellville, Arkansas, the emergency HVAC service is available all the time. Our team is dedicated to their word, and once you have to try the service that we provide, you will automatically attract our HVAC experts.


AC installation in Russellville, Conway, Jacksonville, Cabot, Maumelle, and Little Rock, Arkansas

 In Summer, every home needs an AC as the temperature is always high, and one needs comfort in life. If you are looking to install a system of AC in your home and you are near an area of Russellville, Arkansas, you can contact our HVAC experts in this area. Our heating and cooling service involves residential and commercial services; you can contact us for both places. Our team will be available for you.


In Russellville, an emergency HVAC service available

Whenever you face an emergency in the heating and cooling systems of your home, you need a fast and educated expert in ac and other heating systems. We are here to help you as our team will be available for you at any time when you need it. You can easily depend on our professional team.


Rood Inc. is an organization that only gives reliable and trusted experts in heating and cooling service. This organization has experience of almost 50 years. This organization provides service as well as installing the system for Heat and AC. In Russellville, Arkansas, you can comfortably depend on this service as it gives experts in every field of cooling and heating systems.


Residential HVAC service

Our experts provide their service on time, so the people who live in residential areas can easily rely on our experts. The problem of air conditioners in residential areas is very high because residential people need this service more than commercial places. After all, the people are less compared to residential areas at the commercial home. So, the problems of heating and cooling will also be more because of extensive human activities. Our organization is there to solve all the problems related to hvac service.


HVAC Contractors

If you see that your home's HVAC systems are making noises or feel that the air temperature is not right and something is wrong, you must contact HVAC experts frequently. If you live near Russellville, Conway, Jacksonville, Cabot, and Little Rock Arkansas, we are here to help you with all the problems related to HVAC systems. We also work on contracts in any case of problem our team reach at your place and fix the problem. Our contractors can provide you best service at home, such as;

  • Seasonal tune-ups.

  • In every sudden and local weather fluctuation, our experts check the systems frequently.

  • The response of our team is very fast.


In winter, the heating systems also require help because of their complexities. In Russellville, Conway, Jacksonville, Maumelle, and Little Rock Arkansas, there is nothing to worry about because our team is there to help all the people dealing with heating systems problems.  

Get Smarter Heating & Cooling Controls.


Consumer Reports Recommends American Standard.

ROOD is an American Standard Dealer Servicing Russellville, Conway, Jacksonville, Cabot, and Little Rock, Arkansas

ROOD Inc., in Arkansas, is proud to be a Customer Care Dealer which means we have achieved the highest level of commitment and validation from American Standard.

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