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Are Water Heaters And Furnaces The Same Equipment

No, the furnace and water heater are not the same. The actual difference between both of them is that the water heater only gives hot water. But a furnace is involved in heating your home and helps in warming the air. Water heaters are also helpful in heating the home with radiant heat and these types of heating systems are not common.

Difference between the furnace and a heater

As said earlier that water heaters cannot help in warming your home but they are only for heating the water. The furnace heats the home by warming up the air.

Water Heater

A water heater can be of a different type. There are both gas and electric water heaters. It just depends on the type of heater and the element that is used in gas or electric burner which is capable of heating your cold water.

Those models which have a tank help heat the water continuously. The hot water goes on the top of the tank and then releases from the top. The tankless water heaters only provide hot water on demand.


When it comes to furnaces, they can also be used as both gas and electric appliances. This is the similarity between both water heaters and furnaces. The furnace unit takes the cool air into the system warms it up and then pushes the warm air back into your room.

There is an appliance called a boiler that uses water to warm your home. The hot water and the steam travel from radiators to pipes or through radiant heat pipes which are installed below the floor.

Are The Furnace And Water Heater Connected

Yes, both furnace and water heaters are connected in some cases. In coil installation which is an immersed type, your water heater also has a coil-type heat exchanger that is headed up by the furnace.

Do All Heaters Contain A Furnace?

not every heater is a furnace but all furnaces are heaters. The term hitter is used to describe any type of appliance oh that can produce heat. Boilers, space heaters, and even electric blankets or hand warmers are also heaters. In this case, space heaters do not contain affirmance however the furnaces can work together with the heating system or HPC system and a boiler.

The Gas Water Heater Connected To The Furnace Or Not

If you have a gas furnace or gas water heater then the applications and be sharing one exhaust vent because of which the combustion gases go from the house. This combustion process is usually common for furnaces having a standard efficiency of around 80%.

Can You Use A Water Heater To Heat Your House

yes, hot water can also hate your house while providing hot tap water. but this type of system will need a fan coil and a high-efficiency water heater. for this water heater to be installed You must live in a house which is very well insulated or you are living in a mild climate. The system can only be beneficial if you require less than 75.000 BTU/ h of heating.

The functioning of this type of water heater is simple. the hot water that is produced helps in hitting the fan coils of your house heating system and then heat is distributed because of the ducts. To install these types of water heaters you must take professional help from a heating expert. You must take heating system services from a trustworthy organization or company. Even though these water heaters are used rarely to heat your home you can also install a tankless model for radiant heat so that the heating air can flow easily through the floor tubing.

Does Your Furnace can Provide Hot Water OR Not

Some water heaters do not contain the heating element which is directly falling into the tank. They use heat with the help of a Furnace or boiler and they are connected to it with the help of a pipe. These types of systems specifically require fairness to heat the water but several water heaters are capable to work on an independent basis as they also have their heating mechanisms.

HVAC Systems Use Water Or Not

A regular HVAC system does not use water and a typical AC needs only refrigerant and air but a furnace required gas and air. In the market, there is a hydronic HBSS system that does not heat or cool the air directly but they contain water that acts as a heat exchange medium. These systems have different significant advantages,

  • The piping of these systems requires less space than usual air ducts.

  • In these systems, it is very easy to pump water on the upper floors and then blow air in vertical conditions.

  • These systems do not require air ducts so mold and dust will not spread through the HVAC system.

Rood Arkansas organization is providing experts for different heating system problems. In case you want to install a heating system, we can provide you with and HVAC system professional as soon as possible.

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