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Can your AC be used for heating purposes?

Not all air conditioners can be used for heating purposes; instead, it only depends on the specific unit you have installed in your house. If your AC is also made to work as a heat pump, you can easily use it to heat your space. If your home has got an HV AC system, it means that the system can also have a heating ability. Fortunately, most modern air conditioners are made to heat as well as coal, but you should know that this is only sometimes the case.

Is a heat pump is same as an air conditioner? And what is the difference between them?

 The standard or older air conditioners can only blow air in One Direction. The older air conditioners can take cooler air from outside of the home and then blow it into the room so that the temperature is lowered. In warm areas, usually, this is only needed to create a comfortable environment.

But many AC Also includes a heat pump system. It means that these systems can reverse the Direction of airflow. In other words, they can also remove cold air from your home and enter warm air into the room. This heat pump system in the air conditioners uses a compressor to warm the air that is coming into your home.

The Efficiency Of Air Conditioners For Heating

 The most average air conditioning system can make 3 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity it uses. This average energy production can achieve important long-term savings compared to using a space heater or central heating. As you should know, space heaters are one of the causes of house fires in America, so air conditioners are a far safer option than them.

The only disadvantage of this heating method is that it comes with a higher upfront cost, as you have to buy a new unit and pay professional heating or cooling systems experts to install it. Another disadvantage of this heating process is that ACs can only heat a limited area, so a single unit can only heat a larger space or even a medium-sized home on its own. It would help to keep your AC at 64 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum efficiency. In addition to increasing the savings you have to minimize the use of your AC and help your air conditioner to keep it healthy for many years to come. To maintain your AC for many years, you can also get heating and cooling system services near your area.

How To Put An Air Conditioner On Heat Mode To Keep Cozy

The easiest way to start your air conditioner as a heating system is to look for a button that reads as heat mode. This button can be on the unit or your remote control, which most commonly has a little sun icon. On most advanced units, you can also set the thermostat to the temperature you like, and then the air conditioner will switch on to heat pump mode automatically. This feature is called an auto-cooling heating changeover. Many of our units at rood Arkansas even have 24-hour and weekly timer functions. If you want to pre-set the temperature you like to be at a certain time, you can easily do it. If you don't see a heat mode option, then your unit is only designed for cooling purposes. But you can still add a compressor or heat pump component to convert it into a multi-purpose aircon, and you can ask one of our consultants for expert advice so that we can provide the right solution for your needs.

Many people have a misconception that using an air conditioner is very expensive and it is a luxurious treat. But this concept is different because air conditioners are expensive but they are highly efficient heating solution that helps in saving money in the long run while ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Benefits Of Using The Air Conditioner As a Heater


In winter and summer, you can easily switch on the heating and cooling, which will work accordingly when you change it. In addition, AC also provides convenience as it does not require your furnace to warm up for the energy to be accumulated overnight. Still, it can immediately heat your home in less time.


ACs does not create asbestos dust or ash and are not likely to result in causing an electric fire. As we know, refrigerant leaks can be dangerous but are not hazardous as carbon monoxide leaks.


The most affordable technique of heating your home in winter is by air conditioners compared to other electrical heating services and devices that use fuels, for example, coal, gas, oil, or wood.


Split system air conditioners are relatively compact, making them the ideal HVAC solution for small houses that do not have enough space for a furnace.

Are you looking for a reliable maintenance team for your central heating in winter? You can go right by giving a call to experts at our organization. Our heating system professionals can provide exceptional services for installing your system or maintaining the previously installed air conditioning systems.

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