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Common Heat Pump Issues In Winter

For conventional heating applications, heat pumps are quickly becoming a popular alternative Because of their great capability to cool and heat with efficiency, which also results in a low amount of energy usage. For example, an air source heat pump that is transferring heat between the air outside your home and the air inside can give 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy to your home than the electrical energy it uses. In addition, their cost efficiency and energy make them look desirable to homeowners. Are you facing any Sort of issues with your heat pump after purchasing it? As heat pumps are convenient and efficient but they can also be subject to wear and tear like any other machine. In case you’re wondering to install a heat pump in your home then you can contact heating system services from rood Arkansas in Russellville.

Firstly we are going to understand what is a heat pump? All the heat pumps work on the same principle. They simply move heat from one place to another rather than burning fuel to make heat.

Heat Pumps are of 2 types

  • ducted air source heat pumps

  • Ductless air source heat pumps

Minimally, ductless heat pumps are invasive. On the wall play, a tiny hole is needed to connect outdoor and indoor units. On the other hand, ducted heat pumps have only one major central unit that cools or heats your whole home with the help of ducts.

Ground source heat pump

These types of heat pumps transfer heat between the air inside the ground and your home. Both ground source and air source heat pumps work on the same basic principle. Mainly heat pumps take heat energy from outside of the air and transfer this energy to the inside air in heating mode. In cooling mode, heat pump only functions similar to AC. it takes heat from the inside and then releases it through the outside unit.

Common heat pump problems

As time proceeds you will see a decrease in your heat pumps' working or efficiency. Identifying heat pump issues can also be challenging because there can be a lot of reasons for degrading of your heat pump.

1. The heat pump is not running.

If you see that you are AC is not turning on or has stopped running there can be very few steps that you should follow.

But in some cases, you will have to contact a professional HVAC expert to diagnose the issue. Some of the reasons because of which heat pump will not turn on are as follows,

  • Power loss

  • Thermostat problems

  • Faulty starter capacitor

  • Dirty air filters

  • Closed registers

  • Faulty reversing valve

2. The outdoor unit is frozen

A small layer of ice can cover your outdoor unit in winter. As a result of which your heat pump will have to go into defrost mode to remove that layer of ice. But a thick layer of ice intervenes in between the heat transfer of the outside coil and outside air. Consequently, your heat pump will not heat your house properly. If ice on your outside unit is left for too long it can result in permanent damage to your heart pump some of the reasons because of which outdoor unit is frozen are as follows,

  • Outdoor fan problems

  • Low refrigerant

  • The outdoor unit is blocked.

  • Unit is not defrosting.

  • Dirty coils

  • Clogged filters

  • Water on the outdoor unit

3. Indoor air handler not working

The indoor air handler works in connection with your heat pump to transfer air inside your home. If your outdoor unit is running but you are not feeling any type of air coming from the registers it means that your indoor air handler might not be running.

4. The heat pump doesn’t switch from cool to heat or vice versa

If you are facing any type of issue in switching your heat pump from heat mode to cool mode or cool mode to heat mode, then there can be any problem with your reversing valve. You should contact with heating system professional to inspect your reversing valve and solve any issues.

5. A heat pump is not heating

Has your heat pump failed to provide you heat in the middle of a heat wave? Don't panic, but inspect if all these problems are present in your heat pump.

  • Problem in thermostat

  • Faulty reverse valve

  • Dirty air filters

  • The outdoor unit is blocked.

  • Incorrectly sized unit

  • Dirty coils

  • Weird smells

  • Unit is leaking liquid.

If any of these problems are present, you have to take professional help. If you are living in Russellville Arkansas then you don’t need to be worried because our experts can provide you with heat and AC services.

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