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How I Can Properly Size Air Conditioner for My Room


When you buy a new air conditioner system, you must keep in mind that proper sizing of AC is critical. This is because the size of an AC play an essential role in the appropriate cooling o the room. The AC’s cooling ability is calculated in tons based on how many BTU (British Thermal Unit) the AC can remove in one hour. For example, a one-ton unit can remove 12000 BTU, and a two-ton unit removes 24000 BTU. Generally, the home air conditioners start at 1.5 tons and go up in half-ton of increments. This cannot be the fact that your home needs an AC which is above 5 tons. There are some specific guidelines that you can use to select the size of your AC. First, you need to calculate the size of your room in square feet. For the proper procedure, you can also contact cooling experts in Russellville, Arkansas.

You can also follow the following procedure to calculate the proper size of the room. Multiply the length of space with the width; after that, multiply that number by 25 BTU. This technique allows ample cooling if it is a rainy day, hot day, moist, humid or sunny. Let’s suppose if the room is 15 feet long and 12 feet wide. This means that 12multiply25=180 square feet. Then take 185 square feet and multiply it with 25 BTU per square foot. Then you will get the minimum BTU units that you need for your room. This means that 180.25= 4500 BTU capacity of cooling is required for the room. First, you should ask yourself if a smaller air conditioner or a large air conditioner is needed. This is because the smaller BTU unit will not effectively cool the area as it will continuously run to make the temperature normal. The smaller BTU unit causes an increase in the electric bill.

Do Not Over Kill

If the air conditioner is enormous can be overkill. To false, the rumour that oversized air conditioner is better, the AC unit that is too large will cool the room more quickly than the smaller room. But this air conditioner may interrupt the reason for running the air conditioner in the first place. With cooling the room, the air conditioner is also taking moisture from the air, i.e. humidity, making the weather sticky and hot. Although the air conditioner makes the air cooler if the unit runs for a long time, it can take the moisture from the air. So, if the air conditioner does not run for enough time, proper humidity will not be taken from the air.

This thing will be like being on a camp of cool, foggy and clammy nights. The large air conditioner will frequently cycle on and off. You can also take help from experts in heating and cooling systems. These experts can guide you in choosing the proper air conditioner for your room. If you live in an area near Russellville, Arkansas, you can contact the Rood Inc. organization. They have experts in every field of heating and cooling systems. They will provide the proper service to you in selecting the appropriate air conditioner.

Tips and Tricks in Selecting the Proper Air-Conditioner

The wall-mounted air conditioner has a more efficient cooling job than a window air conditioner. You should install a wall-mounted air conditioner instead of the window air conditioner. If you thought about it, a window unit is not suitable for the room as it sits low in the room. Usually, wall-mounted built-in units are placed with the wall at almost 5 to 6 feet above the floor. If the cold air is filtering in a downward direction from the higher point, it will give an advantage for cooling the room air and lowering room temperature more efficiently. The thermostat of an air conditioner is mounted inside the air conditioner, so it is better than the air conditioner should be placed at a higher position.

The air conditioner can be taken out for cleaning purposes with the help of a built-in sleeve. The air conditioner can also be removed for storage at the end of the summer season. The opening can be sealed with the use of a winter cap until the heating season comes again.

The rule for Keeping Cool the Room

Usually, window air conditioners have an almost capacity of 5000 to 12,500 BTU. As a rule of thumb, one air conditioner requires 20 BTU for every square foot of living space. The other things such as height, ceiling, doorways and size of your windows should also be considered while selecting the size of the air conditioner.

  • If you see that room is shaded heavily, you should lessen the capacity by 10%.

  • If your room has an excellent approach to the sun, you should increase the power of your air conditioner by 10 per cent.

  • If more than two people occupy your space, you should add 600 BTU for every added person.

  • If your air conditioner is being used in the kitchen, then increase the capacity by 4000 BTU.

Best ACs for Different Size of rooms

If the room is 100 to 300 square feet, then you should select the air conditioner, which has a capacity of 5,000 to 6000 BTU. The best companies that offer the best ACs are as follows;

  • Indoor Noise High

  • Comfort

  • Brownout

For those rooms which are 250 to 400 square feet, you must select the air conditioner, which has the capacity of 7,000 to 8,500 BTU. Those rooms that are 350 to 650 square feet should choose the air conditioner with a total of 9,800 to 12,500 BTU. The sizing matters, especially when you have an open floor. For proper advice on sizing the air conditioner, you must contact experts of cooling so that the sizing of the air conditioner does not disturb the cooling process.


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