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How I can Use Portable AC to Cool Whole House


Yes, you heard it right that portable air conditioners can cool multiple rooms. The portable air conditioners are a flexible cooling application that gives you movement and more control over your air conditioner. But this is also a fact that you also need to vent these. Maybe you are venting your air conditioner by using an outlet or window in the same room you are cooling. This can also be done for different rooms that will help you to cool multiple rooms. But cooling of this AC will not be as efficient as the cooling of room with separate AC. Power of portable Ac, area of the room, and configuration are the most critical factors when only one air conditioner is present for multiple rooms. For proper guidance, HVAC service experts in your area can be beneficial.

Removing obstacles between interconnecting rooms and using additional aids like a fan can improve the cooling airflow.

Rood Inc. is an organization in Russellville, Arkansas. This organization has excellent cooling and heating experts. The team can guide people to a proper cooling system that they want. These are the specific guidelines that you have to keep in your mind before installing portable AC.

Rooms should be Inter-connecting.

If you are installing portable AC and you want to cool multiple rooms with the help of this, then you have to keep certain things in your mind. If all the rooms you want to cool interconnect, then the cooling process will be straightforward, especially when you provide airflow. The cooling process will be complex for rooms where many obstacles are being used to travel from one room to another. This technique can also be done with the help of a cooling specialist in your area. The area of the room also comes into consideration while the conditioning process. The capability of a portable AC to cool a specific area is only dependent on the power.

The configuration and the structure of rooms matter a lot while using portable AC. The way all the rooms link with each other has a significant effect on your cooling. There are different techniques by which rooms can be connected in a better way;

  • Connecting rooms with the help of a connecting door is an efficient way. This technique allows you to enter and leave without using the main entrance.

  • Adjoining the room next to one another without any connecting door is the other way for interconnecting rooms. The rooms can be present across the hallway.

The cooling will be negligible if you try to cool two rooms at one time without any additional aid.

Assistance with Different Fans

As we know that fans increase the airflow in the room. Fans do airflow by pulling air through the rotation of blades. There can be different types of fans that you can use to change airflow through an air conditioner to another room. There are different types of fans, such as desk fans, floor fans, and box fans, that help increase the airflow in the market. Using any fan means pushing the airflow in the other room or pulling the air from the room where the air conditioner is working. You can keep the fans in between the doors.

Remove the Obstacles within and in-between Inter-connecting Rooms.

In connecting rooms, cool air moves from one place to another from the doorways. If any obstacle or furniture is present in front of the connecting door, it will stop cool air from travelling into the other room. There, you must remove any fiction in the path so that the cooling process must be done with ease. You can also use the fan in the door to assist the airflow.

Try some natural techniques to cool the room

You do not require air conditioning all the daytime. There are different ways that you can adapt to normalize the temperature of the room without using the air conditioner. These are as follows;

Cover the Windows

A large amount of heat enters the room through the windows. Estimation is that 30 % of the total heat comes through the windows. You can use shadow films, shadow, and insulating curtains to avoid the coming heat.

Smart Use of Fan

There are different types of fans that can move in a counter-clockwise direction. During normal functioning, the air is pushed in the direction of the fan. Using a fan in a counter-clockwise direction will pull the air that will be the reason for the wind-chill effect. This effect will cause a cooling sensation.

Cross-ventilation in Home

In cross-ventilation, displacement of warm air is done by cool air by natural process. You have to open all the windows that are opposite each other. With this, using a fan can increase the ventilation.

Having plants of cool shades can efficiently lessen the temperature of the room.

Is it worth it?

If you have interconnecting rooms connected with the help of a door and do not have space between them, your portable AC can cool the inter-connecting rooms. The air conditioner unit should be potent for the equal area of rooms in this situation. However, this is also advised that this is not as effective and efficient as single AC in one room. But cooling experts know all the techniques about the cooling process, you should take advice from them for this purpose. They can guide you for proper instruction on how you can use portable AC for multiple rooms. Space and obstacles should not be present in the connecting rooms. In the rooms which have ample space between them, the cooling will not process. There will be a wastage of energy in these rooms. So, you must follow all the instructions while installing portable AC.


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