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Importance of maintaining your HVAC system before winter

When the first cold snap will hit this winter, will your furnace be ready to keep your house comfortable and warm? Since last spring, the heating portion of your HVAC system has been dormant, so it’s a wise decision to have it checked by a professional heating and cooling expert before winter gets into full swing mood. Your family and home will get benefit in different ways if you maintain your HVAC system and makes it your priority.

What things are included in HVAC maintenance?

A professional visit for maintenance of your heating equipment is more than just a fast once-over. When you choose the Rood Arkansas organization for your maintenance services, you can expect the technicians to address your system’s needs. Every professional does it in his own way, but you can expect all the following things to happen,

  • Check out the components of the blower.

  • Tighten and inspect the electrical connections.

  • Inspect the control systems and thermostat.

  • Lubricate all the moving parts.

  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks.

  • Check and clean the furnace burner.

  • Check the ignition switch

Tips for maintaining HVAC for the winter season

The licensed heating and cooling technicians maintain HVAC in-depth; here are some things that you can follow to prepare your HVAC system for winter.

  • Remove clutter around the furnace

It seems fascinating to use your mechanical room as a storage space but this decision is not wise. Your heating system needs more space to breathe. The flammable items which are placed close to the equipment can catch fire. For your peace of mind, remove any type of boxes and other things which are placed near the furnace.

  • Retire your air conditioner for the season

Once you have done with your AC unit for the last time this year, you can prepare this for winter hibernation. After that, you should not cover the outdoor unit with a tarp. This provides critters a place to trap and hide the condensation against metal that also promotes rust. On the top of the unit, all you have to do is to put a plywood board which is weighed down with a rock or brick. This rock or brick helps in protecting the heating system to fall against debris and icicles that can also ruin the internal components.

  • Set the thermostat for winter

Consider installing a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one. It helps you to set the temperature based on your schedule for increased efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Now it’s the time to switch from summer to winter which also includes the adjustment of a pre-planned schedule based on your habits during the cold season.

  • Change or replace the air filter

You should check your air filter once a month. After three months or whenever it appears clogged you should replace it. If you use something besides a basic one-inch or pleated filter, ask your HVAC technician for suggestions. HEPA and other high-quality filters can last for more than a month and most models can be reused after washing.

  • Open all air registers

There is a general misconception that if you close the air vents, helps in saving money and energy.

But in reality, doing this disturbs the airflow balance, creates unnecessary wear and tear, and strains the system. To prevent this, you should always keep at least 80 percent of your home supplies registers open at all times. You should also make sure that all these return registers are not blocked by rugs, curtains, or furniture.

Feel, listen and look for the signs of trouble

Before turning on your furnace for the very first time, you should check the signals of rust, moisture, or dirt around the heating equipment and on the vent pipe. Then turn on the heating cycle and listen for any type of strange rattling, squealing, banging, or any other noises. Now put your hands against different supply registers around the house. If you notice any type of unusual thing during these inspections, turn off your furnace and contact with heating system technician right away.

The importance of getting pre-winter furnace tune-ups

  • It decreases the risk of breakdown.

  • It also helps in lowering your energy bills.

  • It also extends the lifetime of your system.

  • It also reduces repair costs.

  • Home comfort of family members can also be improved.

  • It boosts indoor air quality.

  • To keep your warranty valid, you have to maintain your HVAC system.

Make your appointment online from our company and get our best heating system experts. We have the best-trained team that provides services to our customers in Russellville Arkansas.

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