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Important Silent Signs Your House Has Major Plumbing Problems

From time to time, it is more complex to know whether you have a plumbing problem that is a comparatively easy fix or an issue that could quickly switch into a plumbing emergency. You may not even know that an issue exists in a few other conditions until you hear about it from others. How do you know you have a major plumbing problem when the noise does not make any noise? Here, we will discuss some important silent signs telling you it's time to break out your plumbing equipment and deal with the problem before it becomes an emergency. 

Discolored Water

In copper pipes, the symptoms of wear are green or white marks, particularly if they are close to joints. In several other metallic pipes, such as galvanized steel and iron, you will discover red spots. These are symptoms of corrosion. You can find that your water is taking on a slightly different color before you even observe your pipe's discoloring. Discovering rust within the pipe is also a red flag, which you must solve instantly to avoid a pipe burst. Examining the pipes that you can look at several times annually will help you stay away from a big disaster. 

A Water Mark On The Lawn

If you do not have a pool, or you have not had any rain currently, and you still discover a random splash of water sitting in your backyard, there is a probability that your sewer pipes have collapsed. The same can be said if you find out a soft patch, sunken patch, or a spot of grass that is much more prominent than the rest. If your house smells like rotten eggs, it could be a plumbing problem, and a stinky place is not preferable. 

Running Water Meter For No Reason 

If you have any basic problems, there is a fundamental test to look at, and the test is to switch off all the water fixtures and any devices that use water, then examine to look if the meter is still working. If the meter is still working, you most likely have a hidden leak driving up your monthly water bills. When the pressure throughout your home is low, it could mean that there is an issue with the local water supply. It is also a silent sign of a leak in your pipe. With the wind, one slow location could be a problem, which is an issue an expert plumber can handle if you feel uncomfortable. You can contact professionals in Russellville, Arkansas, to solve the problem. 

Repeat Clogs

Some clogs here are normal, but when there are several clogs, you have to check them. Something is going on if you are pulling the plumber's help out all the time. If other locations, like your sinks or shower, are also backing up, this is particularly right. Having problems with slow drains throughout your house normally means tree roots are in the pipes. All types of things still get into them, like debris, hair, dust, and grease, as difficult as you probably try to keep your pipes clear. From time to time, within your plumbing system, the clog is deep, making it harder to find and clear properly. These examples represent a plumbing emergency, so you should call instant to stay ahead of the issue. 

Overflow Gutters

It could be connected back to a drain spout clog that is overflowing into the gutters if your gutters are not doing their job properly. The extra amount of water can cause damage to any wood connected to gutters, as well as nearby undersurfaces and shingles. There may be a leak if you discover cracked or blistering wall sections, particularly in the bathroom. For wallpaper, the same can be said. Before fixing the wall, this is a condition where you should call for a second opinion if there is a leak somewhere, mold is soon to come. 

Mold Growth

If you discover spore-forming on walls or cabinets, speaking of mold and your bathroom walls, you could have a pipe leak somewhere. Mold grows in a moist, dark environment with organic material for nutrients. It will continue to spread and discover new areas to grow until you find the original source and remove all growth. If you are still determining whether you have a plumbing problem in Russellville, Arkansas, our experts are here to help. It is always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home.

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