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Is heat flowing from cooling to warming?

On hot days cooling indoors and warm outdoors mostly. How can this be true or wrong? Do Air Conditioners violate the second law, or is there a loophole?

In Russellville, the heat from the cooler indoors flows to the warmer outdoor air. It flows without violating the second law of thermodynamics. That’s because the compressor of the Air Conditioner pumps up the temperature and carries the heat from indoors to outdoors. The refrigerant coming out of the compressor and condensing temperature of maybe 120° F. Here in Arkansas, our design temperature is 92° F. So the heat flows from the 120° F+ refrigerant into the condensing coil and the 92° F outdoor air.

● My article explains the best Russellville refrigeration cycle in the USA.

● The compressor of the Air Conditioner has done its job as well.

● The high-temperature refrigerant goes through the outdoor condensing coil.

Two benefits of cooler weather:

When the outdoor temperatures drop in autumn, the refrigerant has an easier time dumping its heat on outdoor air.

That does two things:

➢ First, you have a big Air Conditioner in Arkansas, USA. It has a greater cooling capacity. That’s not really of any help, though, because you have a less cooling load.

➢ The second thing it does is to make your Air Conditioner more efficient. Assuming you have a single-capacity Air Conditioner with a multi-stage or variable capacity system. The Air Conditioner uses the same amount of electricity to run the compressor, which makes the Air Conditioner more efficient. But actually, the compressor uses less energy, which makes the efficiency gain that much more. Woohoo

Your AC of Russellville has more capacity and is more efficient at night when it’s cool during a hot afternoon. That’s why HVAC designers in Arkansas, USA are always aware of the three types of heating and cooling loads.

Your electricity bills begin to drop with the cooler weather in your house. You know it’s not just because less heat is getting into your home. It’s also because your Air Conditioner HVAC becomes more efficient. Air conditioning is a thing! Having been born in Houston and spent most of my life in Russellville, USA.

Turn AC Up—Not Off:

How can you save money without making your home uncomfortable? In Russellville’ for most homeowners, the best compromise is turning their thermostat up instead of shutting it off completely. You leave it and turn your thermostat between 75 and 85 degrees for work. It makes your AC less, so you still save money. However, it will switch on so your home doesn’t reach the high temperatures of the Air Conditioner. When you come and see can drop it back down to your preferred temperature quickly.

A 1-degree difference in thermostat settings increases AC efficiency by around one to 5%. It translates to impressive savings money. The exact amount you save will depend on your current energy rate type of system and the temperature setting you choose in your homes. In Russellville, USA, most homeowners bump their thermostats by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours. It can reduce their cooling by 10% in their house.

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