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Is It Important to Service Your AC Each Year

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

No, it is not important to service your AC each year. If your Air Conditioner is new, you can get service for your AC once in two years. But some experts suggest that the service of Air Conditioner should be done once a year. Having Air Conditioner at home makes life very easy. It cools our home and adds comfort in our life. Of course, it gives a lot of benefits but it also large number of side effects. If you maintain the routine service of your Air Conditioner, you can save a lot of money and headaches.

What is the best time to service your AC

To service your Air Conditioner, spring is the best time. You should make sure that your system is continuously working efficiently. On regular basis, you should do some housekeeping.

Ways to service your Air Conditioner

To service your Air Conditioner firstly, you don’t need to go to the experts. Before asking from an expert you can also do few things.

You Should Change Air Filter

To maintain your Air Conditioner, one of the most easiest and important ways is to change the filter. You can do this by yourself as you can simply change the position of air filter. You can easily slide out the old filter and put the new one.

You Should Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Now, if you have put the new filter, you should check about different items in your list. First, you should make sure that all the vents of indoor are clean. Now, mix the cup of bleach in water and put this in the clog from the outside. This is because mold and algae will be avoided. Then make sure that

  • AC is on the level surface.

  • Your Air Conditioner should not contain any debris such as twigs, pollen, and leaves.

  • AC should have good quality insulation.

Assess the performance of your AC

If you have checked the outside appearance of your AC, this is the time you should check the inside working. You have to check that the cooling of your AC should be maintained. Once you are done with this, and you start the Air Conditioner. You will feel a smell; this smell will represent the dust in the AC. This is the technique of AC that clears the dust in this way.

When You Have to Consult with Professionals to Service Your AC

If you turned the Air on, and you notice that some type of strange voice is coming from your AC. Then you should know that this is not the blowing cool air. This means that it is the time to call the professionals. If you want to get advice, you should contact heat and AC experts in Russellville Arkansas. These experts will give you advice on what you can do next. Heat and AC experts in Russellville Arkansas will also guide you about the professional strategies. They will tell that to whom you can contact in this case. The professional will check your AC thoroughly and service them.

Advantages of Air conditioner At Home

Having an Air Conditioner at home is very important in summer. This is because some people cannot bear high temperature. The advantages of Air Conditioners at home are as follows;

  • Air Conditioners minimize the attacks of asthma.

  • With Air Conditioner, you get a good sleep at night.

  • Insects and parasites will be in a very less amount in presence of AC.

  • If you want to work out, AC is very good and it provides a great environment.

  • At work, Air conditioner improves productivity.

Disadvantage of AC at Home

To invest your money in the home cooling system is a very important decision. This helps to cool your home and keeps your family safe. It also helps to make summer an enjoyable time. Most of the homeowner shortens the lifetime of AC as they do not take care of their maintenance. This thing is just like a car as your Air Conditioner also needs a little TLC. This is to make sure that it will not cause breakdowns. Without TLC, your AC is much likely to get these issues when you need AC at all times. To avoid these issues you can contact technicians in Russellville Arkansas. There are health issues that are related to Air Conditioners. If you do not service your Ac regularly it can cause various health problems.

Skin Get Dried

Although having an Air conditioner at home is a great comfort but it can also lead to dry skin. You should apply moisturizer on regular basis.

Eyes Get Dried

If you will over-expose yourself to Air Conditioner, your eyes will get dried. You should only stay in AC at rare times. Otherwise, you can also use a fan.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution can happen if poor air is circulating. You will get to know when you feel your eyes are itching or having an asthma attack.


If you already have a problem with allergies and other irritations of the skin, then living in Air Conditioner will worsen your condition.

During hot weather, you should keep cool by following different strategies such as;

  • Get a fan

  • Eat the good food

  • Take showers on a frequent basis

  • Drink water frequently and stay hydrated

  • Take supplements of Vitamin C

Strategies to Improve Air Conditioner Quality At Home

You should contact with the experts to get the service of your Air Conditioner. There should be sufficient ventilation in your home. This thing will help you to get fresh air and avoid the contaminants in the air. You should not use Air Conditioner when no one is present in the home. For proper guidance, you can consult with the experts in Russellville Arkansas. You can also install the air cleaner in your Air Conditioner so that the air gets cleaned. Moderation in everything is very important. To overuse the Air Conditioner is not good for the health of people. You should only turn on your AC when you need in summer, like when the temperature is actually very high.


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