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Is it possible to have a geothermal system in your home?

You can count on the geothermal system as a dependable source of comfort for your home as long as this system is sized and installed properly according to your home. Especially during summer and winter months, because of high energy bills, many homeowners are looking for different ways to improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems. These homeowners usually don't think to have a geothermal energy system in their home because they need to learn more about these systems. If you also are not sure the geothermal weather systems are the right choice for your heating and cooling needs, then you must read this blog to clarify all the misconceptions regarding geothermal heat pumps.

 Do geothermal systems work efficiently in cold weather?

 The most common misconception about geothermal systems is that they are not ideal for cold climates, but this is not true. This misleading concept is rooted in the fact that geothermal systems take heat from the surface of the Earth. People might think that in cold weather, these systems will not be capable of giving much energy from the Earth's surface.

 The fact is that when the Earth's surface temperature varies, the temperature from a few feet below the Earth's surface remains stable at above 55 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Therefore this concept is totally wrong because even if the temperature gets below freezing point in the winter, the geothermal systems can function properly and will not have any problem while maintaining the temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for your house.

 How do geothermal systems work?

As you should know by the name, geothermal systems depend on geothermal energy to work properly. This geothermal energy comes from the heat of Earth that originally comes from the radioactive decay of Earth's minerals and solar energy absorbed by the Earth's surface. Some of these have power for properly functioning as system comes from Earth's formation formed billions of years ago.

 Do geothermal systems help in lowering energy costs?

 This is a common question that most homeowners commonly have related to whether these systems can lower energy costs. The answer to this question is yes; homeowners having a geothermal system installed often experience a decrease in energy costs by almost 25 to 50%, which helps in annual savings of hundreds of dollars. With the help of these geothermal systems, it is possible to heat and cool a house in an area of 2000 feet within just $1.00 or less than $1 per day.

 Most of these systems can also provide energy to heat water, which results in even more savings when it comes to energy costs. The reason for these heat pumps' efficiency is that they can use a unit of electricity to produce 4 units of heat. Because of this reason, these systems are more efficient than conventional systems. If you are looking to install a geothermal heating and cooling system in Little Rock, Jonesboro (Arkansas), you must contact our company to get the services. Our experts can install this system efficiently for our clients.

Do large properties are required for geothermal systems?

 Most people think geothermal systems are very complex, resulting in the misconception that they require a large space for a geothermal system. This is different because the technicians of geothermal systems have designed these systems to be flexible. But some systems can take advantage of large space, but other geothermal systems can acquire smaller properties.

 Another misleading concept about this system is that the land around a home needs to be completely free of rocky terrain to fit a geothermal system. But in actuality, these systems can work efficiently in rocky landscapes.

Are traditional heating systems important as a backup?

A homeowner doesn't have to get a traditional heating system installed as a backup plan for a geothermal system. But it is more sensible for a homeowner to get a geothermal system as a backup for a traditional heating system. You can easily count on a geothermal system as a dependable energy source for your home.

If you are interested in installing a geothermal system for your home in Conway and Little Rock, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Rood Arkansas. Our team will not only be able to address your concerns and answer your question, but we can also give you exact information about how geothermal systems will likely benefit you for your home.

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