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Difference Ways To Refinish Your Bathtub

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


The other name of the bathtub refinishing is bathtub re-enameling. Bathtub refinishing is the procedure of revitalizing the surface of a broken bathtub to a like good state. In this procedure, you usually have to pull out the bathtub drain and reconstruct any broken parts and inspect to see if the bathtub has water after evacuating. Damaged parts are reconstructed using Bondo. The place is fixed with an acid block after renovations are made. Acid etching and wet sand give sticking and also polish the area. Before putting in the covering, apply the sticking-developing bonding factor to the surface like silane, and this is another method of bathtub refinishing. Together or separately you can use these two methods.

The Normal Price of Bathtub Refinishing

Changing the old model of the bathtub with the new model is not as easy as it looks. Through the bathroom door, the actual bathtub always requires to be cut into parts to fit. The price of the new bathtub will be almost 150 dollars, but when you add the labor charges, the cost of replacing the bathtub will reach 1500 dollars or even more to the bill. Instead, several landlords have the bathtub refinished, which usually charges 300 dollars to 600 dollars, but it depends upon the procedure and the area. If your bathtub displays some corrode and rupture, even it is shabby or stained; then you can contact an expert technician in Russellville, Ar. They can fix and re-coat the place of the bathtub for a like-new look.

Experienced Bathtub Refinishing Procedure

In the bathtub refinishing process there are three steps included..

  • To generate the flat surface, the expert put off the old finish and sands in the tub. This is the first step in the bathtub refinishing process.

  • Any holes, ruptures, or any other corrode are serviced, and this one is the second step of the bathtub refinishing process.

  • Several layers of coating, adhesive or a primer are applied. This is the last step in the bathtub refinishing process. After this process, you can use the bathtub for usually three days, or you can use this bathtub for 10 to 15 years.

How to Refinish the Bathtub

Ensure the area has proper ventilation before you start if you want to refinish a bathtub by yourself. To help air out of the room, make sure that all the windows and doors should be open and turn on the exhaust fan. Follow these steps of DIY bathtub refinishing after wearing the safety eyeglasses.

  1. With heavy-duty repairing compounds repair any rupture or cracks. Let the outcome heal entirely before starting.

  2. As required, pull out all drain, faucets, and hardware.

  3. With the mixture of water and bleach, clean the bathtub completely. Wash the bathtub thoroughly.

  4. Clean the dry area and also pull out the block.

  5. With the piece of cloth, dry the bathtub to remove any remaining dirt.

  6. For applying the paint, follow the producer’s instruction after confirming you have proper purifying.

  7. As required to apply more coats, waiting for enough dry time between coats.

  8. Pull out the tape and caulk around the bathtub once the coating is dry.

  9. Before using the bathtub, make sure that the coating is cure entirely.

When to Replace Your Bathtub

Refinishing can reform your bathtub and also provide it a new charter on life. But few bathtubs are finished for refinishing. Here are few indications you must waste your bathtub and purchase a new one.

Your Bathtub’s Getting Old

The lifetime for most bathtubs is almost 25 years. If the age of your bathtub is close to that age, 25 years, or more than that age, you must replace your bathtub instead of repair it. Even if your bathtub is working well, but it will probably damage in the near future. The price of repairing the low-quality bathtub is more than purchasing a new one.

It Continuously Needs Repairs

You must purchase a new bathtub if your old bathtub continuously needs repairs. If you have to keep spending the money on repairing the old tub, refinishing the damaged bathtub is just a waste of capital. Once you refinish the surface and set the issue, you will have a tub that goes on you for a long time. It is best to replace the bathtub that requires several repairs.

Shorts on Time

The refinishing procedure probably takes some visits. Before they can do any painting, the specialist will have to wait for the ground to dry, and they cannot shield your bathtub if it is coated in wet paint. You probably have to wait a week because of this. Purchase a new bathtub probably be the best choice if you do not have the time to wait.

Major Leaks

Repairing the bathtub, which has significant leaks, will be challenging to fix the problem. You should replace your bathtub with the new one if your tub starts leaking. It is an excellent idea to purchase the new bathtub instead of spending money on the costly repair that probably not lasts. In Russellville, Ar, you can call a plumber to repair the bathtub.

When is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it?

For old tubs, refinishing bathtubs is good, but obviously, this process is not always the best solution for every bathtub. For example, it will be good to replace it with a very low-price tub or low-quality tub instead of repair it. It will be good to replace it with a higher-quality model or a new model. It will be costly to repair that low-quality tub. You will be at a loss. If you want to take a big tub and a new model, you must replace the bathtub rather than refinishing it. When your bathtub is in the best working state, bathtub refinishing is worth the money. The reglazing procedure can remove the breaks, rupture, cracks, and stains. But refinishing is just a waste of money if your bathtub is very old, full of plaster, and leaking. It will be better to purchase the new bathtub than to repair the bathtub. For more information about the bathtub refinishing you can contact with the expert in the Russellville, Arkansas.


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