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The best air conditioners in 2022

In the summer months there will definitely be a time when we will use an air conditioner to satisfy our need for comfort when the temperature is very high.

In this article we will make an analysis of the best air conditioners recommended by users on specialized forums.

What should be the perfect air conditioner for your home?

First of all, you would say to quickly cool the room and give us the necessary comfort. So far we can all say this but still here's a brief overview of what an air conditioner should offer us:

  • efficient cooling depending on the cooling capacity of each;

  • to have a low consumption of electricity;

  • a pleasant design made of good quality materials;

  • to have a very low noise when it works.

What are the best recommended air conditioners?

1. Daikin air conditioners

Daikin is a multinational company that has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1924, being the market leader in the field of air conditioners. Daikin air conditioners are probably some of the most efficient by combining a modern design with the functionality of each product.

2 . Hitachi air conditioners

Hitachi is the best choice when it comes to a top product that will meet the most demanding requirements. Hitachi is a multinational company based in Japan that was founded in 1910 and is recognized worldwide for making one of the best air conditioners.

Hitachi air conditioners stand out for their low power consumption and high efficiency for any model in the Hitachi range.

3. Samsung air conditioner

Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.

Why a Samsung air conditioner?

All the more users have chosen Samsung air conditioners because they have a plus on the functions:

  • very good energy efficiency class;

  • turbo function

  • dehumidification technology.

4. LG air conditioners

LG dominates the world's air conditioning market, with the company located in Seoul, South Korea. As with the above devices LG comes up with innovative solutions for all its products in the range of air conditioners.

The strong point of LG products is plasma filters and inverter technology.

5. Whirlpool air conditioning

Wirlpool air conditioners are manufactured by the American company based in Beneton Charter Township, Michigan, United States, being some of the top preferences of most users around the world.

What Whirlpool products recommend :

  • Strong cooling effect due to state-of-the-art compressors;

  • Modern design with a wide range of variety;

  • Products with advanced technology: auto diagnosis, auto restart, speed performance variation.

6. Carrier air conditioners

The manufacturing company started its activity in 1902 and after these years of activity they are still one of the top companies in the production of air conditioners.

A plus compared to other devices in the same range are activated carbon filters and silver ion filters used for air filtration. Carriers are the best solution when you want to buy a high-performance air conditioner.

When you want to buy an air conditioner, we recommend that you document yourself well, as there are countless offers on the market and the choice can be quite difficult. A cheap air conditioner immediately brings other problems that you will notice after a while and you also need ac repair services after all.

A common example of low cost devices is the materials used in the manufacturing process. Plastics will make noises when you use it and in some cases the noise of the indoor unit can cause you unpleasant discomfort.

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