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Two Easy Steps of Reset Water Heater


It is thinkable that the reset button of the unit tripped if you have an electric water heater. That button irregularly trips, everyone time in a while. This is due to the following reasons.

  • There is a problem in the unit of the thermostat

  • There can be an issue with the reset button also.

  • The switch will not be working when one of the parts of the unit becomes too hot. That part of the unit stops water from getting hot.

  • In the system, there is probably a wire that is too loose and not working properly.

The rest button of the water heater serves a significant cause. Break-in power in the event of a crash-like thermostat that is not working. If the water heater regularly loses power then there is probably a serious issue in the system. If you discovered the problem then you should contact an expert in Russellville, Arkansas for help. Now we will discuss the two steps of the reset water heater. The first step is to examine your electrical panel.

Examine Your Circuit Panel

Normally, in the basement lead to your electrical panel and discover the labeled circuit like “water heater”. At first, you should be on the circuit if it is off. If it stays there, can perhaps suppose all this repulsiveness was a chance and you can go on your business. But, when the circuit comes back to the back position then you can call a heating expert near you instantly for help. Or if the position of the circuit is on then you should turn it to the off position.

Touch the Reset Button of the Water Heater

You will discover the button on the water heater that will work as a reset button. The color of the reset button is red and normally it is located near the thermostat. On the unit, it probably also be located behind a removable metal panel. You can also find this reset button behind the insulation. Push and release the reset button once you discover the button. If the access panel is then look for the second reset button and also there must be a second thermostat. Something is not working well if the button trips again and again instantly after you push the button. In any problem, you can call plumbing service experts in Russellville, Arkansas.

You can also get the new access panel and then change the circuit breaker back to on. You are all good if the water heater has power. To reheat the water in the tank will take some hours. Turn the circuit off if the water heater still does not work correctly. And also you can call a technician near your area to know about what’s happening and also get the flowing of hot water again. Now, if the reset button flips again but the water heater is working correctly turn that circuit back to the off position and call an expert near your area for your help. If the reset button is flipping again and again then there must a problem with the button you have to replace it with the new one.

How to Reset the Water Heater?

What happened to generate the problem is the button was slipped, and it just required to be reset again. It is very easy to reset the water heater if you have no idea to reset it. There is no skill required for this all it needs is some know-how. You can reset the water heater very easily by knowing some key points. If you face difficulty at any point you can contact a technician for help. But also it is very easy to reset the water heater.

Water Heater Reset Button Location

Normally, on the upper side of the thermostat, you can find the reset button of the water heater. On the lower part of the thermostat, it can be located if it is not on the upper part of the thermostat. At every point, few units have a button. The color of the reset button of the water heater is red you can find it very easily on the upper or lower part of the thermostat.

On the Water Heater, Reset Button Does Not Click

If the reset button does not click there must be an issue with the thermostat. If the reset button of the water heater keeps flipping, again and again, the reason for the tripping again and again probably is the high limit switch. The thermostat is not working properly and not running the heat perfectly in the heater. When the thermostat is not working properly it permits the temperature to reach the extreme level and then the high limit switch flips.

This point is necessary if you do not want your child to wipe his/her hands with the water that is boiling. You should replace the thermostat with the new one otherwise it will trip again and again. There may be grounded problems that can heat the water at an extreme level.

Reasons for Water Heater Tripping the Reset Button

The temperature of the water heater exceeds 180 degrees; it shuts off the power to your water heater. Numerous issues flip the reset button of the water heater. We will discuss the reasons for the water heater tripping reset buttons here.

Loose Electrical Connection

No matter where they happen but the loose electrical connection is very dangerous. The loose wire generates a solid amount of heat that can be the reason for the fire in the end. A loose connection within your water heater can be the reason for the tripping reset button. You can contact an expert in Russellville, Arkansas with any problem.

Substandard Heating Element

Heating components permit power to move through the component even after the power of the thermostat shuts off. The heating component enhances the temperature of the water and the heating component is still working and this will be the reason for the tripping water heater reset button.

Substandard Thermostat

The work of the thermostat is to check the temperature of the water heater in the tank. And when it reaches the temperature which we set then automatically it shut off the heating component. But when the thermostat is not working properly and does not switch off the heating element on time it will be the reason for the tripping reset button of the water heater. You can call a technician in Russellville, Arkansas for any problem for help.

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