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Water Heater Leaking? What to do with it?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


When a water heater is leaking, it does not mean that the water heater should be replaced, but you should fix any leaks as soon as possible. Even a small quantity of water can cause extensive damage. So, it is essential to check out the condition of the water heater as soon as possible. The time duration of water can be long-lasting, but even the best water heater can leak. When there is water leaking from any part of the water heater, it needs repairing as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Your Water Heater is Leaking

The water heater can be long-lasting, but the old water heater is also one reason that the water heater is leaking. These water heaters can be durable. You will indeed see no issue in the water heater for almost ten years if you hardly do anything to maintain them. But after ten years there will be problems in the water tank. When there is too much pressure on the valve, it could start to crash. The issue also comes from when the temperature of the water heater increases too much. Since they map out the drain valve to throw away any deposition that makes its way into the water heater, you must look for it to drip at least a little. If there is a problem with the drain valve, replace the valve as soon as possible; otherwise, you will face the real problem.

How to Find Leakage in the Water Heater?

At first, discover where the leak is coming from. Under your water heater, when there is a small quantity of water, the water heater is probably not leaking. So you have to check whether water is leaking from the water heater or not. Remove moisture with a piece of cloth and then check the area. Are you looking for any sign of leakage? From other sources of water, examine your surroundings. Probably this water is coming from another site. Check out properly or place a towel near the water tank. If the towel is wet, then there must be any leakage in the water heater. When your water heater is leaking, to evaluate the situation, follow the following steps and also contact one skilled technician in Russellville, Arkansas.

What to Do with a Leaking Water Heater?

When your water heater is leaking, it is suggested to switch off the water supply to your tank. If the valve is gate-style, rotate the valve clockwise quickly but if your tank has a ball-style valve, then turn the valve 180 degrees. When the water is leaking from the electric water heater, before working with the tank, we suggested that you close down the power at the breaker. Just turn off the breaker. But when there is leaking in the gas heater, we suggested turning off the gas supply before working with the tank. For more information, you can call the technician in Russellville, Arkansas.

Causes of a Water Heater Leaking from Top

The cause of the water heater leaking is a loose connection. The outlet tube connection may lose as time passes, causing the water to flow out. It is essential to solving this problem to stop the destruction of your walls. You will require a pipe wrench to tighten the connection. If the water heater is again leaking, then you should contact an water heater expert in Russellville, Arkansas. If you observe that water is leaking from the tank itself, there will probably be a hole or minor damage in the tank. Sadly, this means that the inner tank is eroding. Now you should replace your water heater. To save your water heater tank from rotting anode rod is necessary that attract all corrosive components in water. When you see leakage in your tank, replace the anode rod as soon as possible.

Causes of a Water Heater Leaking from Bottom

Too much pressure probably increases inside the hot water tank if water moves through the overflow pipe from the escape valve. To let go of pressure causes the escape valve to remove water. Pressure removing valve is an essential part of your system. The water heater tank could definitely explode if the extra pressure is not released. Tighten the valve of your tank to fix this issue. If your water heater is still leaking, then replace your valve.

Symptoms When Your Water Heater is About to Leak

You will not observe that your water heater is leaking unless your tank has a big hole in it. It will be good to check your water heater daily, but most homeowners don’t do that often enough. So, you do not require to perform a complete examination regularly of your water heater to discover that it is broken or not. You can check some of the signs of a broken water heater that we will discuss below:

The Change in the Quality of Water

Suppose you want to check that your water heater is working correctly or not. If there are rust components in water, then your water quality is not good. You can pour a tiny amount of water into a clear glass to examine if there is rust in the water and look carefully that how the water looks. There will be an unfamiliar smell or taste in the water. Probably you observe rusty water. And it is a sign that rust is beginning to enter inside your water heater. It means the water heater will be leak after some time if it is not leaking yet.

The Water Heater is Producing Noise

Noise is also one of the symptoms of leaking water heater. Residue collecting inside the water heater is unpreventable. That residue will not have effects after a long time. In the end, the residue becomes hard like stone, and whenever the water heater is in action, it creates noise. If you observe, there is a splash of water forming around the water heater. And this is a straightforward thing you will watch, and you must take it as a symptom there’s a leak in the water heater. It shows that the leak will be directly under the water heater.

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