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Ways To fix a Loose Toilet Handle

All the plumbing issues cannot be handled independently and quickly but fixing a loose toilet handle is something that you can do without involving in a major problem. While solving this problem, you are not going to deal with major plumbing pipes in your home but you will only get your hands wet.

1. If Toilet Handle Is Loose

· When you are saying that your toilet handle is loose this problem can be more than just annoying. If you are feeling slack or wiggling it means that your toilet is not receiving the full strength of a flush. You can replace the handle or tighten a section to solve this problem. The first thing that you should have to do is to check the toilet handle if it needs to remove the top of the tank from your toilet. Sometimes there can be only a small issue as the level is simply snatched on another part and freeing the handle with the help of a hand instantly can solve the problem. Toilet can result in running and running if your toilets handle snags because it avoids the flapper to make a seal. In this case, you are going to need professional help from the plumbing experts. If you are living in Russellville Arkansas s, then you can contact us.

· There can be another problem associated with the loss of a toilet handle. Your toilet handle can loosen up so much that it cannot open the plunger fully; this problem will not allow your toilet to have a functional and full flush. Solve this problem easily by emptying the tank, and turning off the water shut-off valve. You should also check that if there is a loose nut in your handle and a fast tightening of the nut can solve the problem. For tightening the nut, you are going to need an adjustable wrench. To get it properly snog you should follow the rules of righty-tighty. Over-tightening can worsen the problems and damage the porcelain more than just a loose handle. Give your toilet handle an upgrade, and if it feels, looks and sounds better then turn the water on and your toilet handle is ready to use.

2. Toilet Handle Is Broken

Sometimes you can also break the handle and you will need to replace it with the help of a new process. Our company can provide you with an appropriate model of the toilet handle a fit your toilet. We can also provide experts so that there is no way for a problem. You can contact our institution Rood Arkansas for proper guidelines.

How to replace a toilet handle

But if you are replacing your toilet handle by yourself then you must follow the following steps.

Loose handle

  • From the inside of the tank remove the handle with the help of losing the nut. While doing this you should follow the lefty-loosey rule. After that remove the handle from the outside.

  • Turn your water on so that you can give can you handle a test flush. If everything looks fine it means that your job is done. If you are not feeling the strength of flush is adequate, then you should adjust the length of the chain. After that, your project is complete.

Tightening or replacing a lost toilet handle is the simplest fix that you can do by yourself. But this doesn’t mean that all the plumbing fixes are painless and this quick.

  • In case the status of your toilet keeps worrying you, then you must take professional help.

To repair the loose handle of the toilet, the required things are as follows,

Teflon Plumber’s tape, and slip joint pliers.

3. Handle Is Stuck down

If your handle is stuck down in the flush position then it means that it cannot be installed properly. You should lose the nut washer and then reposition the handle so that it can be parallel with the top edge of the tank and after that, retighten the nut.

In case your nut does not tighten then it means that threads are stripped. To solve this problem quickly, you can wrap the threads with the help of plumber tape. After that, tighten the nut back.

4. Cracks In Handle Arm

You should also check the handle arm for cracks, defects, and breaks. In case there are defects, then you should replace the complete handle.

If your toilet handle is looking good but is not properly flushing, it means that the chain which is connecting the arm to the flapper is broken or disconnected. In case of a defective chain or flapper, replace it.

To do this in a proper manner, you can contact our team of a plumber in Arkansas for a proper guide. Our company feels pride while being upfront and honest with our customer. Our team strives to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

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