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If your tap water is looking brownish, then you should be concerned about the quality of your home’s water. The meaning of discolored water is that ground residue is adding up in the water. You can drink this type of water and even wash anything with it. There is nothing more dangerous about discolored water. But to your knowledge, this problem still should be resolved. For your stainless steel, toilets, and porcelain, this brown water does not provide a good look. In many cases, this water can be cleared in a few hours after it comes to knowledge. But if the water does not clear, then you can contact from your area.

Why your water is brown?

Rust, minerals, and sediments can get together in water pipes over time. If you can see that brown water is coming from your tap then it indicates that there is a disturbance in your water pipes. There are many reasons why this type of water occurs. Adjacent construction and main breaks can also accumulate sediments which cause the water to change color. There can also be a surge in water flow because of more demands. This increase in water flow disturbs the mineral deposits that are present in the interior side of pipes with time. Oxidized iron or rust can also cause brown water.

Is discolored water harmful or dangerous?

In simple words, no. Many peoples have the experience of discolored water at one time or another but you should not be worried because it doesn’t cause a serious health problem.

But this doesn't mean that brown water does not cause major inconvenience. This is because this water can destroy your clothes and your fixtures. The brown color is because of the high quantity of iron. Iron is a commonly occurring metal present in soil and it can also be present in your daily life water but it contains a much low amount.

According to Berkeley Wellness,

Although discolored water looks unpleasant in taste and it can cause stain sinks and clothing, it cannot cause a health problem. But there is an exception that this water can cause hemochromatosis beaches a very rare disease that occurs because of the presence of a large amount of iron in the body.

Brown water cannot cause harmful effects on the human body but still, it is not recommended to drink. This is because the taste of this water is metallic and it also looks disgusting. You can still take shower from this water but it cannot be a good experience. If this discolored water doesn't clean up in a few hours then this problem is more than a minor inconvenience. There are many methods from which you can remove iron stains. T solutions include baking soda, dishwashing soap, or vinegar. However, this problem cannot be permanently removed when you are constantly doing home remedies. You should fix the problem at its source. To do that you should call a professional plumber, who can help you permanently remove this problem. Our company also provides expert plumbers in Russellville Arkansas. But before calling a plumber you must find out if the problem is temporary or not.

How you can get rid of discolored water?

Follow these steps to eliminate brown water.

  • Open the tab for 20 minutes so that cold water can run. After that, if the water turns clear, then there is no major problem.

  • In case the water turns clear but still, if there are small pieces of brown water, You must consider a water softener and water filter system.

  • If your water is still discolored then you must check if your neighbors are facing the same problem. If yes then most likely the issue is with the city water system. Contact city utility providers to check the pipes and then flush the pipes.

  • If your water comes from a well in your area, and it lately experiences rain then the issue can be prominent changes in the water table. Most of the cases, fluctuation in the water table can be so severe that the treatment of existing water is not possible easily. Maybe you will need a filtration system for that.

  • Investigate if discolored water is coming from cold water or hot. If brown water is coming hot only then it means that your water heater needs to be washed out. With the help of a qualified plumber, you can inspect your water heater.

To inspect your repair leaks and pipes, you can contact us. Our experts can give you a bit of good advice about your water problem. Our plumbers can provide water purification services and water softener services to our clients so that your family remains away from contaminants and minerals in your water.

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