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Why Is My Drain Clogged and How Do I Unclog It

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

If you own several houses then you have to deal with different problems related to plumbing. A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems that everyone has faced. Those problems with a clog can be very serious and they can also need professional help. The issue of drain clog can be easily solved by using some basic tools. If you want to fix the problem by yourself, you can also save a lot of money. The most common causes of a clogged drain are as follows;


Human hair, fur of the animal, and other stuff such as dental floss is the most common cause of drain clog especially in laundry, shower, bathtub, and drains of the bathroom. This is especially bad as it can mix up with other substances such as soap and grease. Most of the clogs which are stubborn include hair.

How to fix

If you plunge the drain, this will unclog the blockage. If you want to try a commercially available drain cleaner, but these drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes. If you want to avoid the damage, you can make your own cleaner by using vinegar and baking soda. For stubborn clogs, the plumber’s snake can be used to dislodge. If this does not work out then you can contact plumbing experts in Russellville, Ar. You can also use a hair strainer that helps prevent any hair from going down in the drain. It also helps to clean the drain regularly.


The residue of soap is called soap scum. The soap scum can gather at one place after some time especially in showers, bathroom drains, and laundry. This gathering of soap reduces the diameter of the pipe and also causes slow backups and drainage. Soap can also combine with other substances such as dirt and hair.

How to fix

To unclog soap buildup from pipes, pressure cleaning is the best way. You should also use soap-free washes so that soap scum can be avoided.


There is a common misconception that you can wash all the dirt as much as you can from the drain. But the truth is that dirt can build up and cause clog especially when the dirt is combined with grease, soap, and hair.

How to fix

You can use a drain cleaner, plunging; using a cleaning auger i.e. the plumber’s snake is the most common preventions that you can take it to solve clogging. If you are too much dirty, you can shake your body and rinse off all the dirt before you go to the washroom.

Oil, grease, and fat

Fat, grease, and oil can cause serious problems to the system of the drain. Oil and grease become solid objects in the pipes and it can also cause clogs in the pipes. Most people believe that if you are facing this type of problem then you can pour hot water down the drain, but this is not a good idea.

How to fix

To solve this problem, you can try plunging. If this does not work, then you can mix hot water with some detergent and pour this mixture into a pot and then flush it. This solution will break down the solid oil and helps to unclog it. Then plunge again. If it does not work, you can also try drain cleaning products that are commercial. You should use drain cleaning products by following the instructions on the bottle. You can also use a paper towel to wipe up small amounts of oil and then throw it on compost. If there are larger amounts of fat and they should be left to harden in a can or jar, then you can throw this out with the trash. For proper techniques, you can consult with plumbing technicians in Russellville, Ar.

Food waste

These clogs are especially those that affect the sink of the kitchen. Even if you use a garbage disposal, still food waste can clog up your pipes. Most foods such as leaves of tea and coffee grounds are especially those foods that cannot break down.

How to fix it

There are different places on which the food waste can gather and cause clogging. Clogged pipes can be easily unclogged by plunging drain cleaners. If you use a garbage disposal, that can also cause a problem. You should detach the disposal of garbage and then inspect it. After that, you should clean it if this is important and then replace it. You should set a special bin for the wastage of food. You should avoid putting food waste down the drains.

Diapers and Wipes

Human waste and toilet paper should only be flushed in the toilet. Diapers and wipes are very heavy and they can easily cause a clog in the drain. Toilet paper which is quilted is capable of causing a clog especially if it is used in large amounts.

How to Fix It

Employing or plunging an auger helps in clearing the clog. You should avoid flushing anything down the toilet.

Small Solid Objects

Some children flush their toys in the toilet. Many objects can also be flushed as they accidentally fall into the bowl. If the opening is not protected by a guard, then small objects can go down the sink or shower.

How to Fix It

Using toilet auger and plunging can be tried to unclog the drain. But this issue also requires help from a professional plumber from Russellville, Arkansas. You can call for professional help if small objects are closely lodged. Your children also need to be well educated about not throwing things in the toilet. Except for paper or human waste, nothing should be flushed in the toilet. All the openings of the shower and sink should be guarded to avoid small objects going down.

Cotton Swabs and Feminine Products

Feminine products should be avoided to flush down as these products can clog the drains. The particular problem includes tampons that can cause the drain to clog. This is because tampons grow ten times larger when they absorb the fluid. Cotton swabs and feminine products do not break down so these products can cause the drain to clog.

How to Fix It

The use of an auger and plunging can help in preventing the drain clog. If it does not work, you can also contact a plumber in Russellville Arkansas. You should never flush cotton swabs, pads, tampons in the toilet. This is because these products expand when they absorb the water and cause serious plumbing problems.


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