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Working Of Water Heaters

In most homes, water heaters are present in winter. As they make a journey with the help of pipes and it's usually cold as it depends on the time of the year. Take bath in warm water and auto-wash dishes with hot water you're going to need a water heater. Water heaters are typically large metal cylinders that are often present in the basement or utility room. New styles of water heaters have most interesting just like there is the tankless water heater that can provide plenty of hot water on demand. To install your water heaters first time in your home, you will need the professional services of heating system specialists in your area. In case you are living in Russellville and you can contact our organization to get a heating system expert.

Heating the Water

The presence of a thermostat in the water heater is necessary as it controls the temperature inside the heater. Normally we see the temperature between 120 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

The recommended temperature of water by manufacturers is between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. For household use, this temperature is hot enough to be sufficient. In case there are children in your home then you must keep the temperature range at the lower end. Setting the water heater to a low temperature is helpful in saving energy. Whenever you go on vacation you must dial back the heat as you will experience even more energy savings. Commonly the thermostat is located under the cover plate. It also has a dial or knob by which you can set the temperature.

The most reliable and old water heater design is most widely used in us today as it is a good and simple application. This water heater is a drum filled with water that contains a heating mechanism on the bottom side or inside. The energy sources that are used for heating the water include burner oil, electricity, and natural gas. For increased efficiency, some modern applications of water heaters have also moved to solar and geothermal heat.

The interesting fact about water heaters is that they false the important principle that heat arises to deliver hot water write to your faucet with minimum fuss. Water heaters contain an ingenious design for something that looks very casual from the outside.

Components of water heaters that work inside

Dip Tube

In the water, heater water enters with the help of a deep tube at the top of the tank and then travels to the bottom where it is heated.


The inner side of the water heater is a very heavy metal tank that contains a water protective liner holding 40 to 60 gallons of hot water at around 50 to 100 pounds per square inch. on the outer side of that tank, there is an insulating material which is called polyurethane foam. On top of this, there is also an additional insulating blanket and a decorative outer shell.

Heat-out Pipe

This heat-out pipe is present on the top of the tank’s interior and it also allows the hot water to release from the water heater.


This device is used for temperature control. Most electric water heaters have a specific thermostat for every element.

Shut-off Valve

This valve stops the flowing of water into the heater. This valve is a separate component from the heater that is located outside. It is present above the unit.

Heating Mechanism

There are many heating elements inside the tank to heat the water. The gas water heater uses a chimney and burner system to heat the water.

Drain Valve

It is located close to the bottom of the exterior housing. These drain valves make it very easy to empty the tank to replace the elements, move the tank to another place and remove sediment.

Sacrificial Anode Rod

These are made of aluminum and magnesium having a steel core. This rod is present in the water heater tank to stop the corrosion process.

Pressure Relief Valve

This is a safety device that keeps the pressure in the water heater at safe limits.

All these substances and pieces of equipment are very important for the proper functioning of the water heater. In winter, water heaters play an important role in your comfortable life. For maintaining and installing the water heater, you are required to call a heating system professional.

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