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Why Should you Clean Your Air Duct?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


You should clean your air duct system regularly if there is an asthma patient is in your home. But cleaning your ducts probably plead to you at an instinctive level even if you have no particular health problem. All the air that comes out through vents must be clean if your air ducts are clean. For your health, cleaning the air duct is necessary. When you clean the air duct, it will reduce your power bills and improve your system's efficiency. Only air duct cleaning does not improve the energy efficiency or quality of air. You can contact a licensed plumber to clean your air duct system.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

A dirty dryer duct is one of the most significant home fire risks. And even if a blocked dryer duct doesn't show to household destruction at once, money, energy, and time will be wasted by this. The dryer that is attached with the vents fill up with fur won't work best. Examine your ductwork if you burnished moist bundle in one cycle or less than one cycle but now requires two or three. The problem must be in grimy venting, but your dryer is not broken. In Russellville, AR, you can call a technician to clean your dryer duct.

Locate Your Duct

First, you have to know where the duct is or where it ends when you want to clean your ventilation system of the vent properly. Mostly the diameter of the dryer units is very short almost 4 inches of the pipe. Ductwork is attached by the exhaust through a pipe on the inside wall. Along these metal pipes, hot air moves, and at the end of the outside wall, it mixes through an opening. At the foot of the wall inside the laundry room, the dryer should connect a vent. It will be a particular setup.

Safely Disconnect the Dryer

It's time to unlink the dryer because you know about the starting and ending point of the duct. It is sample work if you have a dryer that is electric.. From the outlet of a wall, first, unplug the power of the machine. Keeping the dryer duct pipe connected to its exhaust next, remove any metal tape. If it is easy, you probably only desire to disconnect the material connecting the pipe to the duct inside the wall.

Softly, remove the pipe from the duct. Without any problem, you must be able to push the tools out of the way if your dryer is electric. Homeowners require to be more careful if they run the natural gas dryer. Make sure not to disturb the gas pipe of the dryer very much if you want to replace air duct. You have to attach the pipe tightly, but it's good to play it safe. If you are confuse at any point, contact plumbing experts near your area because the gas leakage is very big problem.

Clean the Dryer Duct System

At the laundry room wall, you must have straightforward entry to the duct of the dryer duct opening. By removing its duct cover, you can quickly get to the point of exit outside the house. Next, you require to purchase a particular dryer duct cleaning kit. You can buy this kit for only 19 dollars. In this kit, there is a lint brush and six 2-foot-long movable parts. You connect these segments to make a rod. The length of this is a total of 12 feet. Put the brush into your duct. Rotate the rod and while spinning it, stretch the brush as you can down the vent. You will have maximum length to reach the other point of the duct, hopefully.

Reconnect Everything

Put everything back in the place after everything is tidy except one thing. Get rid of it if your dryer used a soft foil-style duct to connect to the duct wall. These pipes are called fire risk. This can give the best airflow period. They are hard to adjust, but they will be permanent. You can contact the best plumber near you to change the system if you face any problem adjusting it.

Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning

There are several advantages of the air duct cleaning process, but here, we will discuss the top five, which are described below:

Produce a Cleaner Living Environment

The dust that would revolve throughout your living space can be cleaned when you clean your air duct system. Luckily, a rigorous air cleaning of duct minimizes inside cleaning and dirt compulsory to maintain a dirt-free house. You can contact experts in Russellville, Arkansas, for information about the air duct cleaning system.

Minimize the Irritants

Air ducts mostly have harmful toxins and tiny organisms in addition to dust. These consist of bacteria, germs, pollutants, mold spores, and many other similar poisons. People who have asthma and diseases like that are especially sensitive to these toxin particles. Regular cleaning of the air duct encourages healthier living; otherwise, the dusty air in your house keeps spreading again and again.

Helps Everyone Breathe Easier

Even if there is no health issue in your home or no one has an allergy or asthma, cleaner air makes it easy to breathe everyone. When dust or other pollutants enter your nose, your lungs can be affected by this, or there may be coughing or sneezing. The cleaning of the air duct can generate a more relaxed environment. You can breathe more comfortably in clean air as compared to dirty air.

Remove Unpleasant Smell

The smell can be created in the air duct by pets, mold tobacco, paint fumes, or elements like that. These smells will regularly circulate through the house if every time the air conditioner is running. Al the scent can be removed by the detailed cleaning of the air duct.

Improve Air Flow Efficiency

It is the best advantage of cleaning the airduct system. The ductwork that has a massive build-up of dirt can limit the heater. This means your system will have to work solid to cool your house, resulting in a reduced level of efficiency; when you clean the air duct, it will increase the system's efficiency. To learn more about the advantages of air duct cleaning, contact experts in Russellville, AR. They will provide you best services.

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Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley
05. Juni 2023

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