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Common Toilet Problems | Expert Plumbers to Solve Toilet Issues


In every home, there are common toilet flush issues that people have to deal with. Some people deal with all these issues at home and find a solution by themselves. But some people like to get professional help. Toilet problems cannot be bear for a long time because one person at least wants comfort in the toilet. If you are also facing toilet issues and you want professional help, you can contact plumbing service experts in Russellville, Arkansas. These are the following plumbing issues that usually all toilets face;

Water Falling into the Bowl or Phantom Flushes

You may repeatedly hear that toilets start to refill spontaneously, as though it has been flushed off. If a bathroom cut by itself on and off or sometimes runs spontaneously, it has a phantom flush problem. The reason for this flush is a very smooth leak from the tank into the bowl. The issue is certainly caused because of lousy flapper seat or lousy flapper. The only solution for this problem is that you should drain the tank and bowl, the flapper seat should be clean, or you can also replace the flapper if you see that it is damaged or worn. In Russellville, Arkansas, Rood Inc. organization has great experts in plumbing services. If you want any professional help in solving the toilet problem, you can contact the team.

Water Falling into the Tank

If you hear any sustained and suspicious sound coming from the toilet, it is usually because of water falling from the supply line to the tank. You have to check the parts such as refill tube, float, inlet-valve assembly, and the ballcock in this situation. That sustained sound is undoubtedly caused by water which is coming from the inlet valve. First, you need to see that if the float is adjusted correctly or it needs adjusting. Then check out that the refill tube should be inserted closer into the overflow tube. The extension should be only ¼ below the rim of the overflow tube. If all these things do not work, you must contact plumbing experts in your area. Licensed plumbers know what to do with all these problems related to the toilet.

Bowl Empties Slowly

The bowl that empties very slowly; the problem is called a weak flush. This problem is the result of clogged holes under the rim of the bowl. You can use a curve wire to poke slightly in every hole so that the debris should be cleaned. A small mirror can help you to see the rim. In this case, you can also use wire to loosen the debris that blocks the siphon jet. Doing this, you should be careful not to scratch the bowl. If you think that will damage the bowl, you have to contact with best plumbers near you. These plumbing masters will guide you about the solution.

Clogged Toilet

The most common toilet is clogged. There are different types of tools that can help you to clear a clog.

  • Force-cup plunger

This is very effective in removing the clogs as compared to another standard type for clearing the clogs. Inside the drain, put the bulb and pump with great force. Then release the handle slowly so that a small amount of water pass through it and you can see that the drain is clear or not. Repeat the step if you think it is necessary. If the clog in your toilet is severe, you can ask a licensed plumber for good services. You can also use a closet auger by placing the end of the drill inside the drain hole. Then turn the handle by pushing the rotor in a downward position. Just be careful and do not scratch the bowl.

Seals are Leaky

The standard toilet has almost five seals which have the potential for leaking. In every case, if you are finding the solution, first you have to find out the faulty seal and then you have to tighten this seal. Between the tank and bowl, there is the giant seal. In this area, a break can be the reason for the significant leak. If you will replace this seal, removing and draining of tank is involved. For better access, turn the tank upside down. Replace the old seal with the new one. That smaller seals present at the base of the ballcock and mounting bolts may also cause more minor leaks. Mounting nuts and tightening the bolts can be beneficial in stopping the leak. Professional plumbing can help your home to be in a better position. Always ask licensed plumbers for their services if you encounter a severe problem with toilets.

Bolts get Rusted

Suppose nuts won’t get free from the lubricant and grab the grill, safety glasses and drill bit collection. Drill into the bolts by using a 1/16 in. bit where it meets the nut. In the bolt, drill ¼ and then enlarge the hole with the help of 1/8.bit, which is followed by a 3/16-in bit. After that, you should try the socket wrench again. Your solution is not to unscrew the nut, and you have to break off the bolt when you turn the nut. If the bolt does not break, you should keep enlarging the hole, but you can contact professional plumbers in your area if you are searching for installing a new toilet. If you live near Russellville, Arkansas, you can get with our expert plumbers to solve toilet issues.


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