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Why is Geothermal Energy the Best way to Heat and Cool your Homes?

Geothermal Energy is the thermal energy in the Earth’s crust which originates from the formation of the planet and from radioactive decay of materials in currently uncertain but possibly equal proportions.

Geothermal systems can provide reliable heat in winter and air conditioning in the summer. They do so with a little noise, requiring few and infrequent repairs and at a very low cost once a system is installed.

Geothermal systems rely on how geothermal energy work. This geothermal energy originates from the heat of the Earth, which comes from the radioactive decay of the Earth’s minerals and solar energy even comes from the Earth’s formation, which occurred billions of years ago. Geothermal energy is currently believed to be one of the most advantageous source of energy. Geothermal energy has a long life span which requires little maintenance.

The ground loops of a properly designed and installed geothermal system can last over 50 years, and little maintenance is required over the system’s lifespan. The only part of a geothermal system that will likely need to be replaced sooner than that is the heat pump itself after 20 to 25 years.

Working of Geothermal system in Cold weather:

A most common misconception is here that Geothermal systems are not ideal for cold climates which raised from the fact that Geothermal systems get heat from the deep surface of the earth. And the actual misconception is that in very cold weather, the Geothermal systems will not be able to utilize much energy from the Earth’s surface. While the truth is that the temperature of the Earth’s surface fluctuates, the temperature a miles below the earth remains stable at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit all year long.

Therefore, even the temperature gets below freezing in the winter, the Geothermal system will have no problem maintaining a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for your home.

Advantages of Geothermal systems

Geothermal energy is a sustainable and renewable energy. Some of the advantages are given below:

Environment friendly

Geothermal energy is more environment friendly than conventional fuel sources such as coal and other fossil fuels. While, the carbon footprint of a Geothermal power plant is low. Pollution associated with Geothermal energy is relatively minimal when compared to fossil fuels which produce practically no emissions. You can achieve savings of up to 80% over conventional energy usage.

Lower Electricity Bill’s

Lower energy Bill’s is the biggest advantage of a smart energy efficient system, which is for lifetime. These energy efficient systems can cool and heat your home more effectively than an ordinary HVAC system and can cut your electricity bill by at least 20%.


Geothermal provides a reliable source of energy as compared to other renewable resources such as wind and solar power. This is because the resource is always available to be tapped into unlike with wind or solar energy

Fuel Free

As Geothermal energy is a naturally occurring resource there is no fuel required, such as with fissile fuels that are a finite resource which needs mining extracting from the earth.


Geothermal energy is a source of renewable energy that will last until the Earth is destroyed by the sun in around 5 billion years. The hit reservoirs within the earth are naturally replenished, making it both renewable and sustainable. It is an exceptionally constant source of energy, meaning that it is not dependent on neither wind nor sun, and available all year long.

Rapid Evolution of Geothermal energy

At the moment there is a great deal of exploration into Geothermal energy. New technologies are being followed to improve its processing which increasing its number of projects and growing the new era of industry.

Huge Potential/High Efficiency

Geothermal heat pump systems use 25 percent to 50 percent less electricity than conventional systems for heating or cooling, they can be adjusted to different situations with the flexibility in their designs, requiring less space for hardware as opposed to conventional systems.

Little Maintenance

As Geothermal systems have few movable parts which are designed inside a building, the lifespan of Geothermal heat pump systems is relatively high. Heat pumps pipes have warranties of between 25 and 50 years, while the pump can usually last for at least 20 years.

Particularly when it comes to domestic use, Geothermal plants do not require any special maintenance. As they are closed systems, the pressure of the fluid in the piping self regulates, and the number of electrical and mechanical elements that can break down is also very small.


Energy generated from this resource is easy to calculate since it does not fluctuate in the same way as other energy sources, such as solar and wind. If you consider solar systems then, they can produce the energy as long as sunlight is there. Geothermal energy power plant is more continuous and reliable than the other mentioned energy systems. In short, this energy is more predictable and 99 percent of the times it gives us the necessary power supply.

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