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Why you need to clean and fill the air conditioner

Updated: Nov 29, 2021


Air conditioning has become an integral part of our life: every modern car has a built-in cooling system, and every modern apartment or office is also necessarily equipped with an air conditioning system. As experience shows, provided that the air conditioners are correctly installed in compliance with all the requirements of the installation technology, the air conditioners are quite unpretentious in operation - all they need is regular maintenance, and especially refueling and cleaning.

Refueling of air conditioners in Arkansas

Refueling the air conditioner means replenishing the supply of Freon (refrigerant) inside the air conditioning system.

A feature of the device of all air conditioners in Arkansas is that with large temperature differences outside (in a day, sometimes the temperature difference in the climate of Arkansas can be up to 40 degrees) or between the temperature outside and inside the building (very high temperature of some internal elements of the split system in summer and very low outside temperatures in winter) refrigerant, partially or completely, leaves the refrigeration circuit.

This is due to the fact that various internal elements of the air conditioning system, in particular the pipes through which Freon circulates, and the connecting ports on the outdoor and indoor units are made of materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.

In conditions of very high summer or very low winter temperatures, materials expand and contract at different rates, which leads to the inevitable formation of cracks in the area of ​​the rolled joint, through which Freon, which is characterized by high volatility, escapes rather quickly. Therefore, the refrigerant in air conditioning systems can be viewed as a kind of consumable, the amount of which must be regularly checked and, if necessary, replenished in time (just like, for example, for a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to periodically replace dust bags).

Any air conditioner in Arkansas needs an annual refueling (refueling) with Freon!

How do you know when to refuel your air conditioner? It's very simple - if you notice a decrease in cooling power ("cools worse") or a complete lack of cooling ("blows, but does not cool") - it means that the time for refueling the air conditioner and cleaning its filters and heat exchanger has long come.

Refueling auto-air conditioners is inherently a simple operation - with the help of special equipment, the refrigerant is simply replenished until the required pressure in the cooling system is reached.

As for refueling split-system air conditioners, everything is much more complicated here - in this case, it is impossible to do only with refueling, each time it is necessary to carry out the whole range of works on the full service of the split-system.

First of all, during such maintenance of the split-system air conditioner, a full diagnostics of the tightness of the track (pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner) is carried out, and this can only be done with the help of professional equipment that can detect even a small leak of refrigerant from the track.

Some not too conscientious "specialists", arriving at a call, only refuel the air conditioner without identifying possible leaks - and in this case, if the tightness of the circuit is really broken, the refilled Freon naturally evaporates again, and this happens in just a few days. after refueling the air conditioner.

Therefore, it is very important to call a ac Technician's from a reliable climate company to refuel the split-system air conditioner, and not resort to the services of dubious shabash installers.

Cleaning air conditioners

Regular cleaning of air conditioners is another important point to ensure correct and long-term operation of a split system air conditioner. Professional cleaning of an air conditioner-split system includes both complete cleaning of the outdoor unit installed outdoors (cleaning the air intake grille of the split, heat exchanger, cleaning the drainage system that drains condensate water to the street), and thorough cleaning of the filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner from settling on the mud.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of an air conditioner is the same as cleaning the radiator grille on a car. Just as regular cleaning of a car radiator keeps the engine cool, cleaning the outside grille of an air conditioner ensures adequate cooling of the compressor. Everyone knows that if a car radiator grille gets clogged with dirt or insects, the engine will overheat and fail. So the same will happen, and if the outer grille of the air conditioner is covered with soot, dust, or poplar fluff, the air conditioner compressor will also overheat and break.

While you can clean the filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner yourself, it is absolutely unrealistic to perform high-quality cleaning of the external block of the air conditioner hanging on the street without the involvement of specialists.

You can Contact Carrier Cooling and ac Technician's for cleaning and refueling of the air conditioner.


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